As-slam Alaikum Wa RahmatAllah
You are welcome to the new academic session.I am very much positive that under the collateral supervision of our esteemed staff members and your parents you will fulfill our expectations of becoming a good citizen and give a good name to the school and to your parents.Always remember that the pursuit of knowledge is not easy; devotion and persistent hard work along can bring success to ones’s effort in seeking knowledge.Cultivate the habit of doing work daily and by yourself as it leads to self reliance and confidence.
Education is a powerful tool – unprejudiced and fair! Perhaps the most potent weapon in the world is education that can alter anything that comes its way. So, when I planned to start this school my mission was to make it accessible to the people and empower them. It has been sixteen years since its instillation, Victory International School has triumphed over its hurdles and is continuing to spread the knowledge to all. At this juncture, I am immensely happy and contend to be a part of this bitter-sweet journey. Being a principal is a huge responsibility that is vested on me and I take it very dearly to cater to the needs of student community. I believe in moulding students to become better individuals – self-sufficient and independent. Education is not just sheer academics but rather a holistic learning with morality, integrity, faith and wisdom. We at Victory provide such an education that is a pursuit of excellence!