• Invest in the improvement and expansion of our school facilities and resources to maintain our quality educational programs.
  • Provide a warm, caring and safe learning environment that stimulates curiosity, freedom of expression, positive competition, and community spirit.
  • Provide cultural, physical and extra-curricular activities that develop the ‘whole child’.
  • Effectively develop students’ abilities to communicate in their language of instruction, while respecting the importance of the individuals’ native language.
  • Recruit and/or develop skilled and committed staff to effectively meet the needs of the children, school and community.
  • Create an environment where staff is expected to continuously develop themselves professionally and apply best practices in the classroom.
  • Use technologies to enhance the delivery, quality and effectiveness of teaching.
  • Provide students with opportunities to use technologies that will prepare them for today’s changing world.
  • To be an integral part of every child’s success and help them to achieve their goals with flying colours.
  • To chisel the students into responsible individuals of the society.