• Education in its broadest sense means teaching and training, together with grooming and manifesting the hidden talents which Allah has bestowed upon mankind.   A huge quality educational system, which is difficult to find, usually caters to the elite society only.  But Victory International Schools envisages an educational system easily accessible to the children of different nationalities.  The School has been established with the sole purpose of serving the nation and providing each child with high quality education, which he/she rightfully deserves.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Victory International School is the symbol of educational aspiration providing quality education.  Its administration duly keeps in view the importance of overall development of students.  The curriculum of the institution includes , along with various academic facilities, programmes for character building, physical activity, religious motivation and various hobbies, so that  the  foundation is laid for a sound character, leadership and philosophy of life.  Thus the School prepares the children for a future life as a responsible citizen.